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Mission Statement

Liberal Vision exists to promote individual liberty, a free economy and limited government. We launched in 2009 with the intention of advocating these views within the Liberal Democrats, among the political and media community, and to the wider public.

At the General Election on May 8th 2015, as a national political force, the Liberal Democrats were eviscerated. As a result, on that date, Liberal Vision ceased to be a blog focusing on the Liberal Democrats and now seeks to sends its message to any and all politicians and parties willing to embrace the following:

Personal Freedom

Liberals believe that adults have the right to make their own lifestyle choices, even if these decisions cause them serious harm. We do not believe that it is the role of politicians to dictate to people what to eat or drink, or in what quantities. Nor do we believe that politicians should be cowed by producer interests of so-called “public health” groups or bow to the demands of state-funded sock puppets.

Politicians need to be clearer and more coherent in their opposition to the populist, nannying, illiberal stance on lifestyle issues.

Liberals believe in choice and freedom, instinctively opposing bans and prohibitions. Whether it is the smoking ban, longer licensing hours or the creation of super casinos, politicians should trust people to make informed choices and permit them to learn from their own mistakes.

We urge all politicians who seek to be defined as “liberal” to show adults the respect they deserve and to press, within their own parties and more widely, for genuinely liberal policies on lifestyle issues.

Smaller State

Government should do less, but better. Red tape and regulation is increasingly undermining efficiency and acting as a brake on enterprise. The quantity of laws and directives emanating from Whitehall is unacceptable and out of control.

As liberals, we wish to immediately halt and then swiftly reverse the growth in the state bureaucracy. We believe that the last Labour government’s assault on civil liberties and personal privacy is monstrous – and also counter-productive in the fight against crime and terrorism. We seek the restoration of those liberties destroyed by Labour and support a legislative and constitutional framework that would prevent such extreme authoritarianism in the future.

Lower Tax

As liberals, we believe people should be in control of their own lives, and to do so it is essential that they have more control over how they spend their money. We support a reduction in the overall tax burden. Too much of the wealth we produce is controlled by politicians and bureaucrats and not enough by ordinary men and women.

Politicians are right to argue for fairer taxes, but we need lower taxes too. When those in power make “tough choices” about cutting government expenditure, we should return a very sizeable proportion directly to the taxpayer rather than inventing new ways for bureaucrats to spend it.