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Does your Tory candidate know more than a dog?

By Julian Harris
October 14th, 2009 at 2:46 pm | 4 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

torydogHot off the Macclesfield press, irrascible columnist (and professional dog trainer) Vic Barlow has sensationally blasted the Conservatives’  selection policy–accusing Dave Cameron of favouring southern “nodding dogs.”

In a canine-heavy rant, the local bruiser lambasts George Osborne and a London-based barrister candidate, stating:

“Our dog knows more about real life than these two”


He continues:

“What Tory Central want are nodding dogs. Pedigrees mind you, not mongrels like us.”


The article’s worth a quick butcher’s, largely for the sake of fun.  Its class-warring, anti-London connotations (I suspect some of these candidates moved to the capital to pursue their pre-politics real careers) may be a tad foolish, but nonetheless it raises serious questions over Cameron’s selection policies.

Have the Tories centralised these decisions to the extent of seriously antagonising the grassroots?  And if so, will the consequences be no more than barking from the sidelines or, at some point, will it come back to bite?

Hat-tip: Andrea Parma.

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