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Chris Davies severs connections with UAF, Hancock and Carmichael yet to respond

By Mark Littlewood
June 14th, 2009 at 3:52 pm | 6 Comments | Posted in UK Politics

chris-daviesChris Davies MEP seems to be a regular topic of discussion on this blog as of late.  He deserves three cheers for swiftly condemning UAF’s bust-up of the BNP’s abortive press conference last week. But he also merits a fourth cheer for contacting UAF last week, demanding to be removed from their list of supporters.

So far, I haven’t had a reply from Alistair Carmichael or Mike Hancock, the two LibDem MPs claimed as supporters by Unite Against Fascism. You can email Alistair at and Mike at . Please do so, and ask them to withdraw from the Socialist Worker-run UAF immediately.

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David Cameron must resign from the egg-throwers now

By Mark Littlewood
June 9th, 2009 at 11:57 pm | 12 Comments | Posted in UK Politics

griffinToday, a democratically elected politician – albeit one with utterly obnoxious views – was denied his freedom of speech by a flash mob of Unite Against Fascism activists.

BNP leader Nick Griffin had called a press conference and within two minutes it was disrupted. Griffin and his supporters were pelted by eggs.

UAF has an extensive list of Parliamentary supporters. The Tory leader appears on that list. He must demand his name is removed forthwith. An explanation on how on Earth it got there in the first place would be appreciated too.

And the LibDems should ensure that the handful of Liberal MPs listed quit the UAF immediately. They should face  expulsion from the party if they refuse.  God only knows why a Cabinet minister – Peter Hain –  is listed. Perhaps New Labour is now officially comfortable with mob violence over-riding the rule of law. The new minister for Europe, Glenys Kinnock, is also down as a UAF supporter.

The so-called anti-fascists are idiots. They have made Griffin into a free speech martyr. They have certainly given the BNP millions of pounds worth of publicity that they couldn’t have dreamed of otherwise.

But their actions are not just tactically catastrophic, they are morally unacceptable in a free society. They are also criminal.

This is not – by the way – an isolated incident from some out-of-control cell of UAF. Their actions earlier today were enthusiastically endorsed by UAF high command.

Note: The UAF list may well be badly out-of-date. Paul Tyler, for example, is listed as an MP. Many of the MPs and MEPs listed may not even know their names are on this list. They may not even have consented to it. But they have to remove their names. And fast.

UPDATE: I have emailed the two LibDem MPs and one LibDem MEP asking them to remove their support from UAF.

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