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NHS=Nutty Health Schemes. Here’s the latest..

By Angela Harbutt
October 5th, 2009 at 8:26 pm | 2 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Moving off the Conservatives woes for a moment, I was shocked driving home this evening, tofat hear on radio 5 Live Drive a feature on how the NHS has trialled a scheme  that rewards slimmers with cash according to how much weight they lose – paid for by – yes folks – the NHS.

Slimmers on the ludicrous “Pounds for Pounds” plan are being paid up to £425 for losing 50lb (23kg) across a 13 month period (losing 30lb gets you £160 over a six month  period). Their claim is that the trial has been a success (though they have not explained what controls they have put in place to measure this). Do they pay the money back (with interest?) if they put the weight back on a year or two later ? They didn’t say, but I doubt it. 

The outspoken Ann Widdecombe MP, clearly thinks its all bollocks.. If the NHS had money to spare it would be okay, but the fact is the NHS is short of money. There are plenty of people who cannot get funding to pay for treatment for illnesses,” ……“We can all control our own weight. If the NHS has to prioritise, then this should be at the end of its priorities.”

I think its bollocks too. But personally I DONT think that if the NHS had more money then this would be OK.

Yet again the argument being put forward in support of the scheme is about “how much money obesity costs the NHS”. Fewer obsese people means less costs to the NHS long term. But we just cant keep rewarding those that have abused themselves with cash handouts, tummy tucks and the like whenever they choose. We have to make it their responsibility.  All of those people who have taken care of their health should be the beneficiaries – not those that don’t give a toss – turn up get the treatment, get paid, then scuttle back off to do the same thing all over again. Its all arse about face.

I trust that in the current economic climate this scheme will be shoved in the bin where it belongs. Longer term it must surely be another nail in the NHS coffin. This sort of nonsense just cant go on. Can it?

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