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“claims would be jaw dropping in a Third-World dictatorship..” -Met police

By Angela Harbutt
May 15th, 2009 at 12:44 pm | 2 Comments | Posted in UK Politics


So much has happened over the past few days that it is very easy to overlook statements that would, in more sane times, be top of the news agenda.

One such statement was made a couple of days ago. As it seems to have gained little or no attention, I thought it worthy of note.So please excuse me stepping back a day or two…

In Wednesday’s Telegraph there was a statement by Steve Morley from the Metropolitan Police that “claims would be jaw-dropping in a Third World dictatorship let alone in the country of hope and glory”.

Was he talking about accusations of a Police cover-up concerning the shooting of an innocent electrician? Claims of Police brutality at civilian protests prior to a summit of world leaders? Allegations of heavy handed techniques employed when arresting an opposition Member of Parliament who had been an outspoken critic of the Minister in charge of  – oh – the police? ( i could go on..)

Certainly sounds like the actions of police in a “Third-World dictatorship”

But no. He was talking about “some” MP’s expense claims.

But I agree with Mr Morley. We are now living in a tin-pot police state; bankrupt, corrupt, and with a deluded mad man at the top clinging onto power.

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