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Labour in total meltdown – now at just 20% in the polls

By Mark Littlewood
May 16th, 2009 at 10:19 pm | 54 Comments | Posted in UK Politics

The latest opinion polls show the Labour Party in an unprecedented state of collapse. A BPIX poll shows Labour on just 20%, with the Tories on 41% and the LibDems on 15%. The share for others is a staggering 23% of the vote. The ComRes poll for the Indy shows the Tories on 40%, Labour on 21% and the LibDems on 18% and the minor parties on 21%.

In even more catstrophic news for Labour, only 32% think that Alan Johnson would be a better Prime Minister than Brown, with 49% disagreeing. Staggering. Pick a name at random out tof the phonebook, and surely most people would think they’d bo a better job then Brown?

Are we witnessing not just the death of this repulsive, vile government, but the full scale eclipse of Labour as a meaningful political force? Here’s hoping.

UPDATE: The BPIX figures for the Mail on Sunday, on intention to vote in the Euro elections, are Conservative 30% Labour 17% UKP 17% LibDem 15%. By my maths, this puts non-UKIP “others” on 11%.

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Labour collapses to 22% in latest opinion poll

By Mark Littlewood
May 14th, 2009 at 11:33 pm | 7 Comments | Posted in UK Politics

The latest opinion poll, conducted by yougov, is in The Sun. It shows the Labour vote at an all-time low of 22%, with the Tories on 41% and the LibDems on 19%.  This is the first poll to fully take account of reaction to the Fiddlegate revelations -and shows the minor parties on a combined total of 18%.

This puts Labour in possible meltdown territory in a General Election – and suggests a collosal number of votes for fringe parties on June 4th. At the last Euro elections, in 2004, 64% voted for the “big three” and 36% of voters voted for minority parties. The British National Party must be licking their lips. I’d be amazed if BNP leader Nick Griffin isn’t now elected as an MEP in the the North West region.

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Nick Clegg has it and David Cameron lacks it

By Mark Littlewood
April 21st, 2009 at 2:43 pm | Comments Off on Nick Clegg has it and David Cameron lacks it | Posted in UK Politics

The fallout of Smeargate has seen a marked and welcome upswing in the LibDem poll ratings – averaging out at around the 20% mark rather than bobbling around in the mid-high teens. Today’s Ipsos MORI poll shows the party within six points of Labour. And all of this is against a backdrop of fairly limited LibDem coverage over the whole Dolly Draper-Mad Dog McBride scandal.The Tories have pretty much flatlined.

However bad sleaze is for the wider body politic, it seems to encourage people to plump for the LibDems. Nick Clegg’s easy television manner and the fact that you can’t really picture the bloke up to his eyeballs in corruption (or even up to his ankles) can only help. Although Nick is, I think, the only mainstream to have confessed to a “crime” (he rather endearingly admits to having over-stepped the mark in a practical joke involving a greenhouse in Germany as a boy), it was hardly grand theft auto.

Although Cameron has done much to revive the fortuens of the Conservatives, the polls from the Smeargate fallout suggest he hasn’t decontaminated the Tory brand.  Nick Clegg and the LibDems seem to have the ability to capitalise on sleaze. Cameron’s Tories just don’t.

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How do we lift ourselves out of the polling doldrums?

By Angela Harbutt
March 28th, 2009 at 10:36 pm | 1 Comment | Posted in UK Politics

Tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph ICM poll shows the Conservatives up 4% from the last Sunday Telegraph/ICM poll, published in early February, to 44%. This gives them a lead of 13% over Labour (on 31%).

Most worringly, the Liberal Democrats are the apparent losers in this poll with support dropping by four points from 22% to 18%.
Accepting that there are margins of error on all polls, and that results do vary from one company to another, this is still a worry.

What will the Party response be I wonder (apart from stating the they don’t comment on polls)? I for one am hoping that they will offer big and bold and specific promises on cuts to Government spending. (see Fridays Telegraph/YOUGOV poll if any evidence of the soundness of this policy is needed).

I applaud Vince Cable’s recent statement that “we will need to take tough decisions to bring restraint back to public spending in the future”. But surely we need to back this up with solid facts? Does the pledge to cut £20billion still stand? (though surely that is simply not enough?). And can anyone tell me where I can find these cuts spelled out?

Vince has done a first rate job at demonstrating his predictive and analytical skills during this economic disaster– but what we now need to see substantive policies. This is not the time to be timid or cowardly – holding back our plans for fear that the opposition will seek to pick holes in them. We should be forthright, plain-speaking and clear. Not only will this set us apart from the other parties but serve only to enhance Vince Cables well deserved reputation.

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