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Chris Davies severs connections with UAF, Hancock and Carmichael yet to respond

By Mark Littlewood
June 14th, 2009 at 3:52 pm | 6 Comments | Posted in UK Politics

chris-daviesChris Davies MEP seems to be a regular topic of discussion on this blog as of late.  He deserves three cheers for swiftly condemning UAF’s bust-up of the BNP’s abortive press conference last week. But he also merits a fourth cheer for contacting UAF last week, demanding to be removed from their list of supporters.

So far, I haven’t had a reply from Alistair Carmichael or Mike Hancock, the two LibDem MPs claimed as supporters by Unite Against Fascism. You can email Alistair at and Mike at . Please do so, and ask them to withdraw from the Socialist Worker-run UAF immediately.

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