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Labour down to 18% support for Westminster elections

By Mark Littlewood
June 1st, 2009 at 5:03 pm | 21 Comments | Posted in UK Politics

Mike Smithson has the details of the latest MORI poll. Con 40%, Lab 18%, LibDem 18%, Others 24%. Staggering stuff.

Nick Clegg is the only party leader improving his public standing.

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Labour in total meltdown – now at just 20% in the polls

By Mark Littlewood
May 16th, 2009 at 10:19 pm | 54 Comments | Posted in UK Politics

The latest opinion polls show the Labour Party in an unprecedented state of collapse. A BPIX poll shows Labour on just 20%, with the Tories on 41% and the LibDems on 15%. The share for others is a staggering 23% of the vote. The ComRes poll for the Indy shows the Tories on 40%, Labour on 21% and the LibDems on 18% and the minor parties on 21%.

In even more catstrophic news for Labour, only 32% think that Alan Johnson would be a better Prime Minister than Brown, with 49% disagreeing. Staggering. Pick a name at random out tof the phonebook, and surely most people would think they’d bo a better job then Brown?

Are we witnessing not just the death of this repulsive, vile government, but the full scale eclipse of Labour as a meaningful political force? Here’s hoping.

UPDATE: The BPIX figures for the Mail on Sunday, on intention to vote in the Euro elections, are Conservative 30% Labour 17% UKP 17% LibDem 15%. By my maths, this puts non-UKIP “others” on 11%.

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TORYGRAPH SPILL ON BALLS! Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper in expenses revelation

By Julian Harris
May 15th, 2009 at 10:20 am | 1 Comment | Posted in Uncategorized


The adorable couple have, apparently, been flipping homes like nobody’s business.

“We paid for their million pound property portfolio” says Guido.

In just one term of Parliament, the couple have claimed (according to my hurried and admittedly flawed mental arithmetic) £102,000 in “second home” claims alone.


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“National economic emergency” – concedes New Labour

By Mark Littlewood
April 24th, 2009 at 11:15 pm | Comments Off on “National economic emergency” – concedes New Labour | Posted in Economics

Geoffrey Robinson, the New Labour talking head on this evening’s Newsnight, has just admitted that the country faces a “national economic emergency”.

I don’t remember Alistair Darling using this term in his budget speech. Such words are not in the Draper-McBride lexicon, of course.

So,  Robinson gets a half-mark for (unintentional) honesty.

But he also claimed that the Chancellor’s shameless  lie slight statistical misunderstanding that the economy had shrunk by only 1.6% in the last quarter was “within the range”.

The range of what exactly?

Labour’s numbers are only within the “range” of predictions if you’re insane enough to listen to them at all.

And if you’re gullible or mad enough to do so, you will find these charlatans’ numbers are  always at the extreme optimistic end of the “range”.

That’s doesn’t count as a prediction “within the range”.

It counts as bullshit.

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