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Smoking ban amendment – where were the Lib Dems?

By Angela Harbutt
October 13th, 2010 at 10:53 pm | 14 Comments | Posted in Liberal Democrats, Personal Freedom

As has been noted widely elsewhere David Nuttall’s attempt to introduce a Bill to amend the smoking ban has fallen by a majority of 55  (86 in favour of an amendment, 141 against). I agree with Guido’s view that the actual votes cast suggest a growing popularity for such an idea (that was reported as “dead and buried” just a few short months ago). 

So, I can take some comfort from the fact that perhaps, just perhaps, there are some signs that a more sensible approach to personal freedom in this country maybe seeping back into politics in this country. 86 MPs voting FOR an amendment to the smoking ban IS a result.

 It has to be said that the early signs are that IF this is true – it is going to be driven by the blues  rather than the yellows… It is with regret that we note 


A big round of applause to John Thurso, Greg Mulholland and Adrian Sanders who stood tall.. ( John Hemming appears to have voted both for it and against it ?). 3 DUP and 4 Labour MP’s are also on the “ayes” list of those supporting this bill leaving the VAST MAJORITY of those supporting this bill were CONSERVATIVES and a lot of those being the new kids from the class of 2010.

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