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Occupy London – what are they hiding?

By Angela Harbutt
November 3rd, 2011 at 9:58 am | 18 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Can anyone please explain why we are seeing increasing numbers of Occupy London middle class boys and girls wearing those Guy Fawkes masks? (And before you tell me they are NOT middle class professional complainers explain why the four that got invited into the crypt to have a chat with the clerics were a 40 year old South African with a masters degree, 32 year old actress (with a fancy drama college background),  a 27 year old religious studies graduate , and a 36 year old former PR exec (now running something called “Queer Resistance”)… not a  hairdresser, taxi driver, mechanic or indeed teacher or nurse amongst them)..

But returning to the question of those masks..

Is it that they want to hide their identity ? If so why? (skiving off work ? Embarrassed about being there? waiting for it to kick off?)

Do they wish to intimidate? ( I thought they were the nice guys and gals full of love and peace etc?)

Is it a homage to media guru Guido ? (OK strike that one)

Or is that they are all secret catholic up risers -actually having a pop at the COE and her Majesty. Seeking to reinstate a Catholic monarch to the throne? That might explain why they are actually occupying St Pauls rather than, say, Canary Wharf… and getting random church big wigs to fall on their swords.

We could take the more latter day Guy Fawkes style hero as portrayed in “V for Vendetta”. This film has been seen by many political groups as an allegory of oppression by government… but they actually seem to be railing against capitalism, bankers, and “global business” (Starbucks excluded) rather than an oppressive government stripping them of their right to freedom of speech or access to mutiple news sources..

The best I have heard is they are wearing these masks because “that’s what they did on Occupy Wall Street”  to “symoblise oppostion to tyranny”.. Really is that it? They are doing it because the Yanks did it?

By the day the Occupy Londoners are losing what little sympathy they had. Is it any wonder when they prance about  in fancy dress, claim peace but threaten violence if moved on, go home to their comfortable beds when it gets chilly and seem to spend most of their time occupying Starbucks because it has a good internet connection (um thanks actually to global business) and serves a nice cappuccino.

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