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“National economic emergency” – concedes New Labour

By Mark Littlewood
April 24th, 2009 at 11:15 pm | Comments Off on “National economic emergency” – concedes New Labour | Posted in Economics

Geoffrey Robinson, the New Labour talking head on this evening’s Newsnight, has just admitted that the country faces a “national economic emergency”.

I don’t remember Alistair Darling using this term in his budget speech. Such words are not in the Draper-McBride lexicon, of course.

So,  Robinson gets a half-mark for (unintentional) honesty.

But he also claimed that the Chancellor’s shameless  lie slight statistical misunderstanding that the economy had shrunk by only 1.6% in the last quarter was “within the range”.

The range of what exactly?

Labour’s numbers are only within the “range” of predictions if you’re insane enough to listen to them at all.

And if you’re gullible or mad enough to do so, you will find these charlatans’ numbers are  always at the extreme optimistic end of the “range”.

That’s doesn’t count as a prediction “within the range”.

It counts as bullshit.

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