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“You’re not going that way, fascist”

By Alex Chatham
May 27th, 2015 at 8:32 pm | Comments Off on “You’re not going that way, fascist” | Posted in The Human Condition

The UKIP MP and libertarian, Douglas Carswell got caught up in an anti-austerity demonstration earlier this evening. The mob, and that is the only way to describe the deal marathons, were verbally violent and threatened physical violence. The police had to rescue Carswell from their clutches.

When Police officers tried to take Carswell through St James’s Park tube station, one demonstrator is filmed saying, “you’re not going that way fascist”.

For decades those on the  centre right have been labelled as fascists by the Left. What the proponents of State control, and at times violent destruction of their opponents, have forgotten is that fascism had its origins in socialism. It is about time that the Left admitted the connection. It is wrong to call someone a fascist whose beliefs are the exact opposite. It is worse to use the term when you are adopting the very tactics that fascists would happily embrace.


When will the LibDems follow Carswell’s lead?

By Mark Littlewood
May 14th, 2009 at 5:44 pm | 9 Comments | Posted in UK Politics

douglas-carswellDouglas Carswell, the outspoken, media-savvy, maverick Tory MP for Harwich is leading the campaign to remove Michael Martin as Speaker by tabling a motion of no confidence.. Unlike most backbenchers, he is increasingly unlikely to have the words “little known” prefixed to his name when mentioned in the national media. (I described him as such on Radio 5 yesterday, but having looked up his recent mentions in the press, I was wrong to do so)

David Cameron has, rather shame-facedly, said that the Speaker retains his support.

Nick Clegg has said nothing so far that I’ve seen, but surely it’s time for the LibDems to lend their full weight to this move.

Getting the tone and message right is vital, of course. If the public interpret the move as MPs shifting the blame for the present political crisis entirely on to the Speaker’s shoulders, it will backfire badly.

But, surely, no one can believe that Michael Martin can remain as Speaker of the House of Commons if Westminster is serious about cleaning up its act.

Seize the initiave, Nick, and call on Martin to go.

Update from Julian H: as some of you may have seen, Lib Dem EU Parliamentary candidate (for London) Jonathan Fryer has called for Speaker Martin to go. Click here for details on Jonathan’s blog. Meanwhile, Peter Black AM doesn’t sound too impressed, either.

Update: Chris Huhne calls on Speaker to go. Surely, Nick now needs to follow suit?

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