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Your song is ending Gordon

By Angela Harbutt
January 11th, 2010 at 6:32 pm | 2 Comments | Posted in Weird and Wonderful

doctor-whoSo,  now we all know that the outgoing Doctor has come out dissing David Cameron. In the most recent edition of Doctor Who magazine David Tennant admits to finding David Cameron a terrifying prospect” – this from the man that has laughed his way through fights with the likes of Cybermen, Daleks and the vashta nerada week in week out for the past few years!

Should we be surprised? Perhaps not. It has been perfectly clear to me that the Doctor has been going mad in recent episodes… the growing God complex that led him to believe that he could do pretty much what he wanted with impunity;  lost all his friends; ending up as johnny-no-mates  hanging around with the only other being left from “his world” who hates him and is even more insane than he is (and calls himself The Master). 

Doctor Who is Gordon Brown? Surely that just cant be. No I just wont have it! …. But it might explain why the Doctor thinks David Cameron is so “terrifying”. And we all know the Doctor trashed his own planet a while back…..the ill fitting suits… the Scottish origins….Lets hope Gordon can’t do that regeneration thing . Who knows who he might come back as.

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