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Hat tip: “Bias at the Beeb?”

By Editor
August 16th, 2013 at 12:30 pm | Comments Off on Hat tip: “Bias at the Beeb?” | Posted in BBC

Hat tip: Here is a very interesting report compiled by the Centre for Policy Studies looking at BBC online reporting of think tanks. The report appears robust, relying on objective quantitative methods to examine reporting slant.

And the results are pretty conclusive. BBC bias is there for all to see.

If you are a left-leaning think tank you are more likely to be reported without qualification or described by the BBC as “independent”;  if you are a right-leaning think tank then you are much more likely to receive a “health warning” ( an indicator of the think-tanks ideological viewpoint e.g “right of centre think tank Y”).

The report also finds that coverage in The Guardian is a much stronger predictor of coverage by the BBC than is coverage in The Daily Telegraph. (That might be explained by just how many Guardian newspapers the BBC purchases).

The findings and conclusions are not new. But the approach taken by the author of this report appears to be far less subjective than previous studies, making these findings much more compelling.

Of course at face value there is a bit of a “so what?” about it. As the CPS recognises “…who, apart from the think-tanks themselves, really cares if the IPPR is more likely to be referred to as “independent” than the Centre for Policy Studies?” But issue here is that these findings could well be indicative of a much wider problem in areas of BBC reporting where slant is harder to measure. That should set a lot of people thinking.

If you find yourself with time over the weekend, this 14 page report is well worth a read.

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So who is in charge of the BBC these days?

By Angela Harbutt
January 25th, 2011 at 8:25 am | 2 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Just how many people does the BBC employ in its online business? A lot, it would seem.

Director-general Mark Thompson has announced that BBC online will cut 360 jobs, as its’ budget is cut by 25%.

What is baffling is Mr Thompson’s admission that BBC online had been allowed to grow “like Topsy”. So who, one wonders, was in charge? Not Mr Thompson by the sound of it.

Naturally the immediate reaction from the NUJ is one of rage at the BBC over the announced job cuts and the almost de rigeur talk of strikes. Sigh. I always rather welcome strikes at the BBC myself. No one really gets harmed (except those striking of course) and the prospect of the people of this nation waking up to the fact that life without the BBC is possible and that the licence fee is an odious tax, well past its sell by date. So NUJ – bring it on.

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