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On Ros Scott’s blog today…

By Angela Harbutt
May 15th, 2009 at 2:57 pm | 7 Comments | Posted in UK Politics


Ros Scott’s blog has the following post..

“The Liberal Democrats at Westminster are engaged in two main tasks. In both Houses, the details of individuals’ claims are being gone through to ensure that they comply with existing Parliamentary rules. Nobody is going to be hung out to dry on the say so of a newspaper. The second task is to reform the existing system, something Liberal Democrats in both Houses have tried to do in the past and been thwarted. Maybe this time, the other Parties will be prepared to take the hard decisions they have ducked in the past.

Federal Executive meets on Monday, and this whole question is of course on our agenda. Vince Cable, as Deputy Leader, and David Shutt, as our Chief Whip in the Lords, will be there, and I predict a ‘full and frank’ exchange of views.”

1. I note the investigation involves conduct in BOTH houses.

2. Somewhat dissappointed that the language is about complying within existing Parliamentary rules.

3. I wonder why Vince Cable is mentioned in the final paragraph and not Nick Clegg ?

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