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A not especially lavish wedding that’s not especially business friendly

By Angela Harbutt
November 23rd, 2010 at 4:23 pm | 2 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

So the Royal wedding has been set for Friday 29th April. We are told that the date was the couples choice – so we should not be too suprised that they have opted for a date just six days before the vote on AV. Afterall what need have they to concern themselves with commoners issues such as…. oh I don’t know…. the single most important vote on democracy in decades. We can hardly accuse them of being “out of touch”  or “just a little bit remote” just because the 29th April was the only day they could get Wesminster Abbey.

And I certainly don’t hold with the notion that the choice of  date had anything to do with Mr Cameron – or that AV vote. That would be absurd.

What does point to their royalships being “just a tad out of touch” was the statement from one of their chaps, talking about us paying for the security, who said   “.. that the only service personnel involved are those already on ceremonial duty in London. No one will come out of training or from combat duties..” .  Did anyone seriously expect that we would bring soldiers back from the frontline for the day?

 I also loved the line from another palace official who stated that the ceremonial wedding would not be especially lavish” . What counts as especially lavish I wonder ?

So despite the fact that (or indeed perhaps because) “times is tough”, we are having a “not especially lavish” cermonial wedding that will cost millions in security (though reassusringly we are not actually pulling outof Afghanistan to police it) AND making it a bank holiday.

You might think that making it an official bank holiday is not especially “business friendly” but to be fair it will have been days since the workers enjoyed their last bank holiday (Easter: Friday 22nd and Monday 25th April) ….

Hang on that makes it a three day working week (and a Conservative government (well sort of)) … How very 1970s. Are we sure we don’t have a energy crisis they are not telling us about?

Still it will be ages til the next bank holiday – oh no that will be the following week.

So we are going to have a four working day week, followed by a three day working week, followed by a four day working week. Or put another way – two consecutive four day holidays. 

Economic crisis? What economic crisis?

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