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Thanks For The Memories

By Sara Scarlett
December 1st, 2015 at 8:28 pm | Comments Off on Thanks For The Memories | Posted in Liberal Democrats

The Mark Clarke ‘Tatler Tory’ bullying scandal has brought back some fond memories of my time in youth politics. Here are a few of my favourite screen caps from that time in my life…

Why don’t you just fuck off and join the Tories?

01-09-2009 00-46-07 Facebook Borrowman advocates assault

Violence is never the answer, Duncan…

01-09-2009 00-48-34 Borrowman advocates assault 2


01-09-2009 00-51-00 Borrowman goes mad

Join the Tories – Take Two… Maybe I should just join the Tories – nobody is threatening to violently assault me there…

01-09-2009 00-51-45 Borrowman advocates hate campaign

Encourage other members to take part in the fun…

Picture 1 Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4That’s right every problem in Liberal Youth was my fault even though they continued long after I was off the scene…

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 18.47.38

Off like milk? Or like a bomb? Are you calling me a terrorist? Because someone in the LibDems did actually do that once…

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 18.48.39

Sara Scarlett drinks blood…

Picture 6

I notice that this individual has since taken his Twitter feed down. Can’t imagine why…

And my personal favourite – two members of the same party “joking” about beating me in the face with a fire extinguisher! So good.

Picture 5 Picture 9


Why a fire extinguisher? So oddly specific…

I don’t know what I love most about this collection of screencaps more? The fact that grown adults did this on a public platform, or that some of the aforementioned individuals are now in charge of the anti-sexual harassment group, or that the Liberal Democrats have it enshrined in their constitution that no one shall be enslaved by conformity – unless they don’t assimilate to the policy views of the majority of centrist LibDems in which case they’re fucking Tory cunts and we’ll hound them out the party…

I genuinely wanted to get back involved and help the LibDems out about a year and a half ago – that is until the sustained bullying started back up on LibDemVoice. I don’t comment on sites like Guido because it’s a cesspit and it knows it is. But I do expect that on a site with a strict moderation policy people shouldn’t be allowed to behave in a way that drives members of their own community off the site. I feel as though the LDV moderators have the internet equivalent job of raking a zen garden but one where there is shit where the sand should be.

The only way to survive is to become scum yourself and give it right back – but since I don’t want to be scum and I didn’t like the person I was becoming, I thought it better to bow out and leave the shit pit for people who enjoy that sort of thing. Those people are the people who are either very apt at manipulating other people, the people with a lot of emotional resiliance, and/or the people who are so bland they don’t get wrapped up in anything because they are so mind-numbingly, almost death defyingly bland. Look at any MP and you will see that they fit into one of those three categories.

In all honesty, I do feel shame for every single unbecoming deed I have ever done – I wonder if the people who bullied me similarly feel shame. In balance I do believe that I have been aggressed upon more than I have aggressed. I hold non-conformist views and I know I’ll be attacked for them but too often they’ve played the man rather than the ball.

Good people just don’t last long. The system is inherently corrupting. Look at the Rennard scandal. All the women who accused Lord Rennard of impropriety are no longer party members. You have the choice – do you make a completely justified complaint? Or do you have a career on politics? Until those two choices are no longer mutually exclusive, politics will remain a shit pit where the shitty cream rises to the shitty top. No wonder there isn’t a sound dispute resolution process in the LibDems. The people in charge of the process are the most in need of being subjected to it.

I’ve met Mark Clarke – once -just over five years ago and I have delibrately made a point of not going anywhere near him or his circle ever again. His reputation preceded him even then. He wasn’t even shy about it. That’s the difference between the Tories and the other parties. The Tories know they’re scum. Everyone else is in denial.

And that, children, is why nothing gave me greater joy that seeing the LibDems get annihilated in May.



Corbyn’s Conversations Are Not Statecraft

By Editor
November 23rd, 2015 at 11:24 am | 2 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Judging from the social media and blog feeds over the weekend. There is a Momentum campaign in operation to try and paint attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s unconvincing posturing as a vast media conspiracy. Even the BBC is being roped into the usual anti-Daily Mail and Murdoch rants as ‘wilfully not seeing, as the public does, the deep integrity and morality behind his position’.

The problem for this analysis, is that the public largely does see Corbyn for what it is, and they don’t much care for it. While many people have deep and sincere concerns about military ventures in far-off lands. And deep suspicions about the need for action, particularly as articulated by Government. They can also see Islamic State for what it is, and accept ‘no action’ in Syria has not been a wild success for peace and security, either here or in the region. People are dying either way, and the long and bloody Syrian civil war shows no sign of concluding soon.

They expect their wannabe Leaders to have a clear position on such things, backed up by a credible plan. Not beard-stroking incoherence, or a sense that whatever the Government does, he is against it, while having no Plan B.

Corbyn is not a liberal pacifist. Largely he’s an observer and oppositionalist on matters of state. He correctly sees the resolution of most conflicts as being based on dialogue not bombs. But incorrectly presumes that dialogue is always an option. Or an option right now. It should be self-evident but apparently isn’t to him that a death cult, with a moral vision based on bringing about a final conflict between civilisations is not a prime candidate for having a chat. If there is any prospect of that whatsoever it will require a radical change of vision, leadership and personnel in IS. This in turn will largely require beating them militarily. Some people do just want to kill you. And will if you let them.

However the even less attractive aspect of Corbyn’s statecraft is the manner he which does engage in dialogue when he can. His relationship with the IRA at the height of the Troubles was not admirable. Rather than coming across as the work of a sincere peacemaker, ahead of his time, he seemed to be wallowing in the association with those who would slaughter his political opponents at home. Feeding on grievances, not resolving them.

With Hamas, there is a line between a sincere desire to defend the rights of Palestinians – by questioning the decisions of the Israeli state. And apologism for acts of murderous aggression against Israeli citizens – by ignoring or excusing them. It is hard to see how the thinly veiled anti-Semitism of his fellow-travellers on the hard Left – or their aggressive relativism against Israel, is the former, not the latter. Hatred and wilful ignorance of one side’s concerns is a poor catalyst for facilitating peace.

And so it goes on. Corbyn’s preference is to be the man sitting on the sidelines preaching about how everyone else made mistakes, and how much better life would be if only some utopian peace plan had been allowed to succeed. That and pretending to be neutral while actually being ruthlessly partisan. That preference is not compatible with a job application to run the affairs of a member of the UN Security Council.

British Prime Ministers have to take tough decisions, often without any path being clear or right, and live with the consequences. They cannot just hope for a better conversation. The public can see that. Many Labour MPs can see that. The question is how long it will take Labour’s new intake to reach the same conclusion.

LibDem Math

By Sara Scarlett
November 19th, 2015 at 9:19 pm | Comments Off on LibDem Math | Posted in Uncategorized

40 Unelected peers chose Chris Rennard (credibly a sex pest) to the FE = “Democracy”

240+ Party Members Sign Petition Because They Think This Is Bad = “Lynch Mob”

Let me put this in terms that even a LibDem could understand!

This is what everyone else sees –

RTB = Rock The Boat

Rennard = Rennard

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 01.13.48This is what Lord Rennard sees –

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 01.26.07

I had *way* too much with this…

Is Feminism Dead In The LibDems?

By Sara Scarlett
November 17th, 2015 at 8:55 pm | Comments Off on Is Feminism Dead In The LibDems? | Posted in Liberal Democrats

I really think the LibDems Lords must be missing a large portion of their collective brain cells. The fact that they not only defend Chris Rennard but thought him a suitable candidate to represent them at the FE just defies belief. Even as a mere horrified witness to the distress of women close to me, I am still livid at this whole sorry chapter in Liberal history. Lord Rennard may not belong in prison but the fact that anyone thinks he deserves power after he abused it in such a serious way is worthy of the highest scorn.

In the Liberal Democrats, the “broadly credible” voices of several women, who included trusted LibDem party officials, party staff and candidates, are worth less than the voice of one powerful man. As others have rightly pointed out, this would be more than enough for any organisation in the private sphere to sack someone. Why should any woman work in a party that offers them less protection than the private sector?

If this is a woman-friendly party then I’d hate to see what isn’t. I still need a lot of convincing that feminism isn’t dead in the LibDems.


Rennard: I Was Cyberbullied…

By Sara Scarlett
November 17th, 2015 at 2:07 pm | Comments Off on Rennard: I Was Cyberbullied… | Posted in Liberal Democrats


Sir Norman Fry: “The fact that both my hands were on both her breasts was simply an accidental happenstance…”