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Does Liberal Vision take specific policy positions?

No. We seek to bring together all freedom-loving people, who support lower taxes, a smaller state and an extension of personal freedom. Not all of these people will agree on every policy point, but we believe we can achieve a lot by working together.

What do you hope to achieve?

We hope to encourage as many political parties and politicians as possible to advocate and ultimately adopt lower taxation, a smaller state and more personal freedom as key principles in their policy agenda.

How do you hope to achieve this?

Simply by bringing together like-minded freedom-lovers who share these values. We promote these ideals by proposing and supporting policies consistent with these aims and assisting candidates within the party who share them.

Do I have to be a Liberal Democrat member to support you?

No. We are an independent blog. On May 8th 2015 we opened our doors to any and all people of any political colour who support liberalism, small state, low tax, more personal freedom.

How is Liberal Vision run?

It is an informal group of people who share some broadly similar views. If you expect internal democratic elections, AGMs, committee meetings and minute taking, we don’t have them. Sorry. But we do occasionally meet and talk about life, the universe and sometimes Liberal Vision.

What is your relationship with Progressive Vision?

None. To the best of our knowledge Progressive Vision has ceased to operate as the founders have gone on to bigger and better things.

Liberal Vision is a wholly independent blog. We do our own thing, spend our own money (yes really our own money!) and write as individuals on what we each feel strongly about. No control. No influence. The direction of Liberal Vision is decided autonomously, and not influenced by any group or individual and just to be absolutely clear, let us say it again… not funded by any group or company. All costs are covered by ourselves from our own pockets. Clear? Excellent.

Who is the Liberal Vision Editor?

It varies from time to time according to who has the time and the inclination.