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When It Comes To Political Style, “Authentic” Is A Bad Idea

By Sara Scarlett
September 22nd, 2015 at 6:45 am | Comments Off on When It Comes To Political Style, “Authentic” Is A Bad Idea | Posted in Labour

So what if he’s a Trot who supports the IRA and cosies up to Hamas?

Jeremy Corbyn is AUTHENTIC!!

Has everyone forgotten that you can be authentic and stylish, well-groomed, and well-tailored?

My Grandfather was as working class as they come and voted Labour all his life. He was born in a council flat, went to work in overalls but his Sunday suit was always clean and smart, his shirt was always ironed, and he was always clean-shaven.

The only reason Jeremy Corbyn can be described as “authentic” is because in this context “authentic” is just hipster speak for something that’s shabby and pseudo-vintage.

In my book being authentically sh*t is definitely worse than trying to not to be sh*t but ending up looking unauthentic.



Things That Are Not Going To Happen (SDP Edition)

By Sara Scarlett
September 19th, 2015 at 11:39 am | Comments Off on Things That Are Not Going To Happen (SDP Edition) | Posted in Labour, Liberal Philosophy

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 14.27.01

1. Labour MPs are not going to defect enmasse to the LibDems.

  • One does not leave Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party because he’s unelectable and improve ones electability by joining the Liberal Democrats.

2. The Labour Party is not going to split.

  • And even if it did, so what? It did before and that didn’t hinder the Labour party in any way nor did it thrust the SDP into power…

3. The LibDems are not going to rebrand or restructure.

  • After the 55th committee meeting on a night when the moon is full, Sal Brinton will decide that she does not have the authority to do anything because nobody in the LibDems takes responsibility for anything, ever. The LibDems will continue to be woeful guardians of both Social Liberalism and Classical Liberalism alike.

The Illiberal Left

By Sara Scarlett
September 18th, 2015 at 7:30 am | Comments Off on The Illiberal Left | Posted in Labour, Liberal Democrats, Libertarians

The election of Jeremy Corbyn has obviously increased the chatter about the positioning of parties on the left/right spectrum. Tim Farron has flaunted the somewhat incredulous claim that Labour MPs will defect to the LibDems…


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 23.17.03

I am amused by the suggestion that the Blairites would find a happy home in the LibDems. It would probably be like being a Libertarian in the Tories… Tony Blair’s New Labour was not liberal in any sense of the word. Nanny statist, warmongering and prone to top-down diktats; civil libertarians despaired.

The zeitgeist has changed and a too many political activists and commentators, overwhelmingly on the Left, have not caught on. In the 1980s the dichotomy was clear. Thatcher represented the authoritarian right and all who opposed her amounted to a broad and diverse liberal left.

The authoritarian right versus the libertarian left set play no longer applies. Blair’s administration turned the left into authoritarians, different from the right-wing authoritarians, but authoritarians nonetheless. This new left felt/feels justified in increasing the erosions of our civil liberties and deeper policing of thought, speach and lifetstyle. This is not only enforced by little Hitlers in town councils but in offices, schools and more private places (like cars and homes) not to mention on social media!

In the 80s the Right’s authoritarianism was anti-gay and racist but now if you are perceived to be anti-gay and/or racist, the full wrath of the authoritarian left will chew you up and spit you out.

This is most noticeably seen on issues such as smoking tobacco versus smoking cannabis. Almost every LibDem I’ve met, with a few exceptions, would legalise smoking cannabis tomorrow. Almost every LibDem I’ve met, with a few exceptions, would ban cigarettes off the face of the earth today. I struggle to understand this fundamentally contradictory set of beliefs despite the fact that they are held simultaneously by so many.

The only way I can assume that this is justified in their minds is because cigarettes are manufactured by companies and cannabis is not. (Surely they must realise that once cannabis is legalised, ‘Big Cannabis’ would become a thing instantly?) The anti-capitalism/evil tobacco companies rhetoric comes before the small matter of personal liberty/lifestyle choices. The left-wingness comes before the liberalism.

I believe this is why Jeremy Corbyn et al. are comfortable talking talking to the undesireables he talks to. The capitalist ‘West’ is the big bad guy and anyone who opposes them are underdogs. I believe in the back of Corbyn’s mind he knows that those folks throw homosexuals off buildings and beat their wives but I strongly suspect that it just matters to Corbyn so much less than the anti-Western capitalist imperialist thing.

This is one of the reasons I’ve never been a fan of the ‘enemy of your enemy is your friend’ schtick.

Liberals are scattered and disjointed and remain dhimmis in all parties despite attempts to define left-wing populism as ‘Liberalism.‘ Attemts to portray Cameron as an arch-Thatcherite also make little sense as he is a moderate above all else. Cameron has been made more authoritarian by power but that’s typical. He’s not a liberal but he’s never called himself one either. It’s not just the gone-to-seed activists that populate the increasingly tragic comment threads on LDV who are willfully unaware of this; activists my age define themselves by a dominant school of thought that hasn’t been true in Britain since the 80s.

The left simply don’t realise that they are not the liberals anymore. Or, worse, they don’t care.


A General Election fought on fear

By Alex Chatham
May 27th, 2015 at 6:25 pm | Comments Off on A General Election fought on fear | Posted in Labour

It is clear that many in the Labour Party, and some Liberal Democrats, believe that the Conservative waged a fear campaign during the General Election. Putting to one side the accuracy of this view, and whether one should have been scared of a SNP supported Labour government, something has been missing from the discussion.

Fear was used in the General Election campaign and it was used by the Labour Party. Ed Miliband repeatedly told the voters that they had days to save the NHS. Coming from the party that introduced more private suppliers to the public service this is perverse at best and downright misleading at worse. The fear tactic didn’t work and we still have a National Health Service. No doubt when the Tories leave office we still will.

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By Editor
May 9th, 2015 at 10:40 am | Comments Off on IT’S THE UNIONS WOT WON IT | Posted in Labour

The news channels today are full of speculation about who will be the next leader of the Labour party. It’s a bit of shame that the trade unions won’t get quite the same sway this time around.

After all, had the Unions not defied the will of Labour MPs and the Labour party membership in the last leadership election in 2010, (both groups showing a strong preference for Ed’s brother to lead the party) we could well have seen David Miliband lead the party over the last 5 years – and a Labour Prime Minister sitting down to breakfast in Number 10 today. So the nation’s thanks must go out to every Trade Union that backed Red Ed.

Sadly this time around the Labour Leadership election system will be different. The voting system has been changed (though yet to be implemented) moving to a “one member one vote” system (assuming it actually get’s implemented).  Will that lead to a more sane choice of Labour leader? Well with trade union darling (and health secretary at the time of the Mid Staffs excess deaths scandal) Andy Burnham the current front runner, and millionaire Champagne socialist Chuka Umunna (who views working class people as “trash“) apparently hot on his heals  – ermm maybe not.

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