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Housing Crisis Is Pure Government Failure

By Sara Scarlett
September 25th, 2015 at 5:12 pm | Comments Off on Housing Crisis Is Pure Government Failure | Posted in Green Belt, Planning, Policy

It’s only a matter time before one government or the next has no other option but liberalise planning regulations so that more housing can be built. The problems of the UK housing market is not a consequence of foreign buyers or immigration. Even with both of these factors there still wouldn’t have been enough housing. It is pure government failure.

For too long, housing policy has been made on a false assumption that we are running out of green space when only 2% of this country is built on. Initially these regulations were designed to protect the countryside and prevent urban sprawl. Instead the government has pushed commuters further into the countryside.

The government failure of housing regulation was designed to prevent a future *possible* market failure… Government regulation designed to stop something that may never have happened. Real government failure has occured in the name of fending off imagined market failure and a whole generation of Britons will suffer because of policy based on a misconception.