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The Cosmopolitan Revolutionary Advance Party

June 25th, 2016 Posted in EU by

Exciting A new party has been formed! The Cosmopolitan Revolutionary Advance Party, led by ordinary guy, Che Latte.

“People are sick and tired of parties not doing what they say they will do after elections… for example the hated regime of my predecessor… And that is why we must put that legacy behind us… by not respecting the result of this election… or the one in 2015 that led to this election… where the foolish Prime Minister, made a promise, and kept it.

No... those were not real elections… they were elections marked by lies… dirty, dirty, filthy lies… told by dirty filthy liars… who are probably racists… or nazis… or nazi racists… who hate democracy… that is why these stolen votes… stolen by dirty, filthy nazi, racists, who stereotype other people with their hate and prejudice… cannot be allowed to count…

On our side who reasonably pointed out the risks of world war 3… the end of western civilisation… and that jobs were at risk.

These were hard facts… Look the PM has already lost his job… Well at least he will do in October… And Jeremy Corbyn should do… That’s almost 3 million already.

What is important is that need to have another election…. An election for decent clever people that gets the right result…
An election where only experts will be allowed to make the case… experts from places where decent clever people live… like Islington… or much further afield… like Camden… We need diversity of opinion… from people thinking for themselves… all saying the same thing.

It is only through this process… that we can restore trust in politics… and politicians… except the ones I just called dirty filthy liars… who cannot be trusted…

To the Electoral Commission comrades… we must seize the means of the ballot from the hated Government of dirty lying promise keepers.”

One Response to “The Cosmopolitan Revolutionary Advance Party”

  1. MikeR Says:

    Utterly brilliant – the little Lenin’s won’t find it funny. Cry bully “humour” is strictly limited to Jeremy Hardy sneeralongs, and screeching manically while spitting at their opponents (before rushing in to their safe spaces to have a cry about it all.