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Is Feminism Dead In The LibDems?

November 17th, 2015 Posted in Liberal Democrats by

I really think the LibDems Lords must be missing a large portion of their collective brain cells. The fact that they not only defend Chris Rennard but thought him a suitable candidate to represent them at the FE just defies belief. Even as a mere horrified witness to the distress of women close to me, I am still livid at this whole sorry chapter in Liberal history. Lord Rennard may not belong in prison but the fact that anyone thinks he deserves power after he abused it in such a serious way is worthy of the highest scorn.

In the Liberal Democrats, the “broadly credible” voices of several women, who included trusted LibDem party officials, party staff and candidates, are worth less than the voice of one powerful man. As others have rightly pointed out, this would be more than enough for any organisation in the private sphere to sack someone. Why should any woman work in a party that offers them less protection than the private sector?

If this is a woman-friendly party then I’d hate to see what isn’t. I still need a lot of convincing that feminism isn’t dead in the LibDems.


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