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A liberal opportunity that will be wasted

October 2nd, 2015 Posted in Uncategorized by

Whatever else that is said about Jeremy Corbyn, no one would claim he is a liberal. As he attempts to move the Labour party to the far-Left and the Conservative party moves further towards the centre Left, it is a perfect opportunity for a party to make the liberal case for policies that would allow people to run their lives through a free market, limited government and a safety net that catches people from falling into destitution without trapping them into poverty. A party like that would be robust in its liberalism, making it clear that markets create wealth and stops government interfering where it shouldn’t. If only a party like that existed…

2 Responses to “A liberal opportunity that will be wasted”

  1. Simon Gibbs Says:

    There has been a few attempts at such an organisation. The lastest providing an embarrassing spectacle as it takes it’s time to die.

    My take on starting a new organisation is here

  2. Alex Chatham Says:

    Simon, thanks for the link. I have followed the UK Liberatarian Party and you are right, it hasn’t quite worked out as one might hope. The policy ideas are fine but the communications and management haven’t helped.