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Farron Vs. Lamb: Another Underwhelming Election

June 15th, 2015 Posted in Uncategorized by

The Liberal Democrats have already sown the seeds of a disappointing 2020 General Election. I predict they will get four MPs. Neither of the leadership contenders show any sign of stemming the bleed.

Largely regarded as the favourite, Tim Farron has written a lot of op-eds on LDV sending out the right signals. He’s talked a little about rebranding… But there doesn’t seem to be a lot of substance and detail on how he will do that. Norman Lamb has talked about Mental Health a bit.

Farron is right, the LibDems do need a rebrand, however…

In order to rebrand – you have to admit you’ve gone wrong.

In order to admit you’re wrong – you have to know that you were wrong.

Neither candidate seems to have shown any inkling that they believe either of these things. You’ve also got people like Ryan Coetzee who thinks he ran a perfect campaign… Too many have also bought the ‘it was the politics of fear’ narrative which, whilst it may be comforting, does not actually exist.

The most important thing the next Leader of the LibDems will have to do is convince Joe Public that there is a reason the LibDems need to exist. At the moment, it is not obvious to anyone other than LibDem members and the few remaining LibDem voters why the LibDems still exist at all. Unless the next Leader of the Liberal Democrats can get inside the heads of the people who don’t think the LibDems should still exist and attempt to engage with them then it’s just playing at politics. If this is the case then the LibDems should just reform as a hobby/club and drop the pretence that they’re a poltical force of any kind.

3 Responses to “Farron Vs. Lamb: Another Underwhelming Election”

  1. Frank Little Says:

    Of course there should have been an Orange Booker to challenge the social liberal views of Farron and Lamb. But where are they? The electorate rejected them all apart from Nick Clegg.

  2. Sara Scarlett Says:

    If you think the problem is as simple as Orange Bookers Vs. Social Liberals then you are part of the pig ignorant problem. Nobody sees the LibDems as a fundamentally ‘right-wing’ party. You have bigger problems – like the fact that the general public see you as meaningless, incompetent and a waste of time.

  3. Geoffrey Payne Says:

    That’s not very nice.