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Fringe Event: “Why aren’t the Liberal Democrats more liberal?”

September 15th, 2013 Posted in conference by

Looking for a good Conference fringe event for Sunday evening? Look no further. Topical debate, lively speakers.

“Why aren’t the Liberal Democrats more liberal?

Date/Time: Sunday 15th Sept 1815-1930

Place: Alsh 2 Room, SECC Conference Centre.

Chairman: Mark Littlewood, Director General, IEA


Jeremy Browne MP

Emma Carr, Deputy Director, Big Brother Watch

Julian Huppert MP

Chris Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics, IEA

Stephen Tall, Co-Editor of LibDem Voice

Hosted by Liberal Vision and the Institute of Economic Affairs.

See you there we hope!


One Response to “Fringe Event: “Why aren’t the Liberal Democrats more liberal?””

  1. nigel simmons Says:

    Firstly lets dispel Labour and UKIP’s pretence if they were in power they would save the NHS .Notice your spam folders more and more Private Health Insurance’s advertising long waiting lists and for a small sum ect – Privatisation is already and waiting to take over .
    What job satisfaction or security have we got – None ,zero hour contracts ,Agency work whereby it is hit and miss whether you work one day or the next .
    Workfare were Jobseekers are being forced to work for free to earn Corporations Larger Profits .
    Education ,how long have the Tories been in power and only today made the statement we will implement the teaching of maths and English in schools .
    Housing , Shapps said after selling off G3 for 22.5 Billion it was earmarked for Housing .Yesterday he lied by saying anyone votes Tory will get a Referendum ,what happened to the last promise .
    The Liverpool Care Pathway ,how to die in dignity – starved of food but still administered ‘medication’ .
    Welfare Reform – in chaos and no solution in sight . Jobs Market – 800,000 and again 700,000 jobs only advertised in the EU and not here .
    Referendum on the EU – no chance .
    So we can forget about Poverty ,Atos Deaths ,Food Banks ,Benefit Sanctions ,Workfare ,Tuition Fees ,Bedroom Tax ,no Fuel Price Control ,Lies & Deceit and more Cuts to come it still does not paint a pretty picture of the Government does it .