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The Anti-science of the Left & Right

August 25th, 2013 Posted in freedom, health by

This is a very sad story. This part especially hit home:

Not owned by any company, Golden Rice is being developed by a nonprofit group called the International Rice Research Institute with the aim of providing a new source of vitamin A to people both in the Philippines, where most households get most of their calories from rice, and eventually in many other places in a world where rice is eaten every day by half the population. Lack of the vital nutrient causes blindness in a quarter-million to a half-million children each year. It affects millions of people in Asia and Africa and so weakens the immune system that some two million die each year of diseases they would otherwise survive.

Most GMOs have hitherto been developed for the benefit of farmers e.g. creating plants that are resistant to disease and that give higher yields. This particular GMO has been developed solely for the benefit of the consumer. It is quite clear that both the Left and the Right have dedicated anti-science viewpoints. The Left’s hatred of GMOs is as indefensible as the Right’s creationism, and possibly worse due to its horrendous effects on the poorest people in the world. Technology used in the private sector has rarely been used for evil on the scale that technology used by governments has been evil. Golden rice won’t even be the only choice of consumers – they could still buy the other rice if they wanted to. It is both anti-science and anti-humanist to prevent the use of a technology that can minimize human suffering.

3 Responses to “The Anti-science of the Left & Right”

  1. cochlear implant Says:

    The Anti-Science of the Right certainly have a home here on Liberal Vision. Funded by their tobacco, alcohol and sugary drinks industry lobbying groups.

  2. Sara Scarlett Says:

    Get f*cked, Troll! If we’re backed by tobacco,alcohol and sugary drinks lobbyist then I want to know where my share went!

    I, personally, enjoy tobacco, alcohol and sugary everything and I don’t need to be paid to say that.

  3. Gordon Walker Says:

    Antiscience and antihuman is how Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace, described this organization as it is now.
    It is fitting that the protesters in the Russian Arctic were charged with piracy because the phrase “Hostis generis humani” ie The common enemy of humankind, describes accurately the Environmentalist Movement.