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The BBC: Taxation Without Representation

July 2nd, 2013 Posted in BBC by

Another day, another BBC scandal. Other than the enormous payoffs to axed staff there is also the small matter that the BBC has wasted £300 million on the failed digital archive and huge logistical misjudgements like moving to Salford and the handling of the new HQ. Despite my criticism of the Beeb, I have to admit that I love the BBC. What makes me so unhappy is that £300 million could have bought a lot of the quality programming that I love and, instead, it was frittered away.

The BBC is funded by a tax in all but name yet we really only have a slight and indirect democratic say on monumental decisions like said move to Salford a.k.a. the bane of every talking heads life. I have previously commented on this blog that the BBC should be turned into a cooperative rather than simply sold off piece by piece. Even if this idea never happens, isn’t it right to ask for a little democratic say in the BBC?

In it’s current form the BBC is taxation without representation. The eagerness of the BBC to squander this type of money is deeply worrying and because of this big logistical decisions should be put to a ballot. Taxation of this magnitude should not come without any democratic accountability in a modern, free society.

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