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The Problem with Gay Marriage

May 26th, 2013 Posted in Civil Liberties by

I’ve spent the past few days since the Gay Marriage vote having mixed feelings about the result. Whilst I welcome greater equality and acceptance for homosexuals, I believe that government has no business sanctioning or prohibiting the relationships of consenting adults – homosexual or otherwise.

There is also a bigger question: are we moving towards a greater tolerance of diverse relationships and lifestyles – or is society mostly only happy to tolerate gay couples if they behave just like straight monogamous couples? We still haven’t shaken off the cloying vestiges of Victorian Morality.

We are slowly seeing more calls to tolerate individuals who choose to be part of polyamourous relationships but few discussions as to what role government should play, if any. I can’t help feeling that we missed an opportunity to re-examine the role of government in the relationships between consenting adults and this leads me to question whether we are really moving forward in a progressive fashion.

It’s also important to remember that progress looks like indifference – not toleration. If you see a gay couple and you think, “Oh, there’s a gay couple. I am happy to tolerate them,” that’s not progress. We will know we have achieved progress when more and more who see a gay couple don’t have any type of thoughts whatsoever.

2 Responses to “The Problem with Gay Marriage”

  1. CRDot Says:

    Gay “marriage” is actually only part of a much wider, very subtle homosexual agenda. The pressures are on people now to accept homosexuals in every aspect of life and organisation, including Boy Scouts….already happened in the USA. Why on earth people can’t see the dangers in this creeping poison, I don’t know.
    Before gays started to try and bring down the institution of marriage, people knew they existed but just ignored them. But now they’ve gone for the Christian jugular, that’s entirely different. With government turning its back on the morals of its own supporters, it’s hardly surprising there’s uproar.
    Gays have been given civil partnerships….a step too far in my opinion, but it has opened the door to “normalising” what is essentially an unnatural sexual act; and they want it “accepted” and “taught” in schools, while demonising people whose religious beliefs do not encompass it…..well, there’s equality and “tolerance” for you!

    When civilisations reach this point in their development, when the new morality is no morality, we know the end isn’t far away.

  2. Sara Scarlett Says:

    ^Wow. If you don’t like this post, you’re definitely not going to like my next post…