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Cracking edition of Question Time

March 25th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized by

If you missed Thursday’s edition of Question Time, do take a moment, if you can, to catch up on iPlayer. On the panel last week were Michael Gove (Con), Emily Thornberry (Lab), Natalie Bennett(Greens), Anthony Horowitz (writer extraordinaire) and Mark LittlewoodQuestion_time_logo (IEA).

Many will know that Mark Littlewood was founder of Liberal Vision so we were especially pleased to see him on the panel doing just a grand job – most particularly on the issue of press regulation. Though to be frank he served up aces for every question posed (budget/press regulation/education/Cyprus).

Many on twitter report that it was one of the finest editions of QT in a long time – and we certainly wouldn’t argue with that one.

ps Anthony Horowitz occupying the usual lefty writer slot was a very pleasant surprise indeed – sounded like a good liberal through and through. His comments on Hacked Off were truly top drawer.

2 Responses to “Cracking edition of Question Time”

  1. Tories Are Sociopaths Says:

    Mark Littlewood was sociopathic as ever but hey that’s typical of you rightwing libertarians glorifying in selfishness.

    Maybe before Mr Littlewood starts lambasting those unfortunate people with disabilities in receipt of welfare he should head out of the cozy Westminster Bubble & see why it is the welfare state is vital for the care of many with disabilities.

  2. Sara Scarlett Says:

    ^ typical vapid, emotional argument from a socialist. Is a little originality so much to ask?