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Reform the Tax Code or Shut the F*ck Up!

December 13th, 2012 Posted in Economics, Tax by

It’s the nuanced political analysis that you’ve, no doubt, come to expect from Liberal Vision…

But seriously! Why would anyone or any corporation pay more tax than the government tells them they legally are obliged to?

Bashing corporations for legally avoiding tax is like bashing celebrities for wearing fur because it’s easier than persuading a motorcycle gang to give up leather.

The right thing to do is to make the badly needed changes to tax code. And yet our public servants don’t. Why? Because that would just be too hard for the little darlings!

I know that doing the right thing is tough. Doing the job that you’re paid to do and that you campaigned hard to be able to do in the last election must be so hard for you.

If it’s not obvious in the tax code how much more tax a company is arbitrarily meant to be paying then what exactly are the accountants meant to do? Just pull a figure from the sweet blue sky and pay that? That’s what Starbuck’s did.  It’s like ‘hush money’ – we’ll give you £20 Million and you kids leave us alone now. How on Earth is this a proper way for companies to function when it’s just not obvious how much tax corporations and wealthy individuals are meant to be paying?

And yet there are not truly meaningful efforts from the Lib Dems or the Tories to reform the tax code. So you can bash Google, Amazon and Starbucks all you want but they’re only following the law and the people who make our laws don’t seem to want to change them. This is a missed opportunity. Which is a shame; it’s needed now more than ever.

2 Responses to “Reform the Tax Code or Shut the F*ck Up!”

  1. Adam Says:


    I’m not entirely sure how much lobbying these multinationals do but in the United States at least multinationals have been very effective at ensuring they pay as little tax as possible.
    If they are lobbying politicians (and they certainly donate a lot to the Tory party) then they are also to blame for the lax tax code that we have.

    Moreover, surely with power comes responsibility? It’s a bit like the situation we have in this country with landlord groups. Largely, landlord associations only look after themselves, largely mindful of the bottom line not the welfare of their tenants and they resist and lobby government to prevent any changes in legislation which threaten to give tenants more rights.

    In that example the Thatcher government may have been responsible for creating an insecure environment for tenants (passing of the Local Government Finance Act, 1988 and the introduction of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy) but landlords also have responsibility, as they have a powerful position to influence government policy.

  2. Sara Scarlett Says:

    Okay, nothing you’ve said in this comment is untrue. However, why wouldn’t we expect multi-nationals to not do lobbying considering the huge concessions they get? They’re going to pursue their own interests, that’s obvious. Of course they’re going to maximize their profits, of course, they’re ‘to blame’ for the sorry state of the tax code.

    However, the politicians are actually to blame. They essentially let their friends write the tax code. So it’s really about the fact that politicians are so easily bought. They could easily re-write to tax code but they don’t. Because they’re pussies. Basically.