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Lib Dem policy ideas lack substance

September 25th, 2012 Posted in Liberal Democrats by

Hat Tip : Mark Littlewood (formerly of this parish) delivers some sound thoughts on latest Lib Dem policy ideas in today’s City AM. We agree with much that he says, especially the part where he says that we didn’t get into this mess because there were too few opportunities for people to run up debts guaranteed by others. Indeed.

“Sometimes, it’s hard not to feel rather sorry for the Liberal Democrats. After the public relations disaster of Nick Clegg’s toe-curling apology on tuition fees last week, the party faithful have gathered in Brighton only to be battered by violent storms. The Lib Dem leadership was hoping to pilot a course to sunnier political climes and calmer economic waters. But, thus far, the policy proposals emerging give little grounds for optimism on either count.

If the Conservative side of the coalition is insufficiently bold on supply-side reforms, their Lib Dem partners often seem incapable of comprehending how such reforms could bring growth to a sluggish economy at all. The Lib Dems’ default position remains one of old-fashioned demand management, and often comes with a fairly hefty price tag attached.”

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