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Just who is pulling the strings?

June 22nd, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized by

One to watch : With all the talk about the Government White Paper on Civil Service Reform, and whether it has gone far enough, here is a rather timely spoof video from the Hands Off Our Packs campaign opposing the plain packaging of tobacco.

Angela Harbutt who is running the campaign said

“The video reflects the widely held view that politicians, including ministers, are increasingly puppets of taxpayer funded bodies and unelected bureaucrats in Whitehall.”

“We urge ministers to think for themselves and listen to all stakeholders, not just the tobacco control industry and civil servants in the Department of Health.”

Worth a look we think. Oh and just a reminder that Angela Harbutt is one of our very own bloggers here at Liberal Vision. But tobacco or not, this video will resonate with many groups, including civil liberties ones, that have battled against government mandarin projects.

One Response to “Just who is pulling the strings?”

  1. Sarah J Says:

    This is spot on – thanks for sharing. We had exactly the same issue with identity cards – totally driven by the bureaucrats, not by the ministers.

    It seems to me that whilst civil servants have provided a valuable function – and I am sure many are excellent and dedicated to their job – there are a significant number that are too powerful, too cosy with the government funded pressure groups or government contractors and rule their depts as ministers come and go.

    I am disappointed the Civil Service Reforms did not go much further. Stability is good, but we certainly need to see more rotation, so that the senior civil servants dont totally dominate the ministry they are attached to.