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Support for the Coalition Melts

May 4th, 2012 Posted in coalition by

Voters have expressed their cold feet at the direction of the coalition across the country. In one Edinburgh ward, a man dressed as a penguin – Professor Pongoo – gained more first preference votes than the Liberal Democrat candidate.

Both Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will need to assess where they go from here. Saying its down to mid-term blues after another drubbing won’t do (Alex Salmond, the Scottish Emperor politician, was able to increase the number of SNP councillors whilst in government).

Certain Tories will want their party to move further right to appease UKIP, whilst many Liberal Democrats will no doubt seek to shift the party leftwards after Labour’s gains. It will be hard to reconcile these views. Some may say they are poles apart.

However, the senior party figures that have taken to the airwaves have been silent on the key issue following the local authority elections: just what are the increasingly out of touch Cameron and Clegg going to do about a potential march of the penguins?

Not So Happy Feet

4 Responses to “Support for the Coalition Melts”

  1. chessnuts Says:

    These are sad times.

  2. c777 Says:

    The majority did not vote.
    I do not think this is wholly lethargy I think it is mostly disillusionment with remote lobby-pressure group led government.
    Yes Chessnuts you are quite correct these are sad times indeed I have a feeling they are going to get sadder.

  3. ChrisB Says:

    Maybe Cameron will accept the turnout as a public display of their ‘sadness index’ – Saves paying out on his happiness alternative

  4. Ginn Says:

    There is a lack of perspective here the coalition got

    31+16= 47% far better than Merkel’s coalition and about the

    same as Sarkozy in a two horse race.