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Good luck to Liberal Reform at conference

March 8th, 2012 Posted in Liberal Democrats by

Well congrats to Liberal Reform for a pretty awesome start in life – over 100 party members signing up, and lots of buzz and noise about the blogosphere.  Still a way to go to prove their spurs – but very nice start.

For those of you planning to attend this week’s conference in Gateshead it might be worth your while going and meeting these guys and gals.

DRINKS RECEPTION : They have a drinks reception that everyone is welcome to attend on Saturday evening in Room MEC 2, The Sage between 6.15-7.30 – drinks provided – how can you refuse ?

FRINGE EVENT: No sooner started than rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous!  Liberal Reform’s co-chair Mike Bird will be taking part in a fringe event on the much-discussed topic of youth unemployment, alongside the not-so-youthful Vince Cable (and others obviously) –  Room MEC 7 in The Sage at 1pm in Saturday.

MOTIONS AND AMENDMENTS: Liberal Reform are apparently proposing and supporting a number of amendments to the motions being voted on over the weekend. Here is one you should definitely support (there may well be others – just not had chance to look)..

F21 Civil Liberties, Sunday, 10.45am: an amendment expressing regret at the slow movement and apparent watering down of the Freedom Bill and concern about other infringements on liberty happening under the government’s watch.

Good luck.

One Response to “Good luck to Liberal Reform at conference”

  1. Simon McGrath Says:

    Thanks Angela.

    We hope that Conference Committee will take an amendment restoring the possibility of a member’s ballot if the MPs want the Party to be in a post election arrangement with other parties and a majority of Conference, but not two thirds support it.

    The SLF have said that they will be supporting it.