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Liberal Leftovers

February 7th, 2012 Posted in Liberal Democrats by

Interesting piece over on on Digital Politico highlighting the fact that a new left group is about to emerge in the Liberal Democrats.  I generally avoid using “left/right” terms, as I often find them pretty damned unhelpful. But given that this new group is called “Liberal Left” there seems no more appropriate way of  describing them. And given that two of the  key names of this new group appear to be Linda Jack, Richard Grayson who both signed the now infamous letter to the Guardian endorsing Compass Plan B , I guess “left” it is.

With so little information to go on, it is not yet clear whether this should be seen as an ideological “split” emerging within SLF, a tactical manoeuvre to position SLF more toward the centre ground, or just a gang of folks who feel that they can operate more effectively in a smaller group.

Whatever the reason, whilst the new group’s name certainly “says what it does on the tin”, I wonder, with hindsight, whether they will come to regret it….. LEFTovers, LEFT behind, LEFT for dead and so forth…

For more details about the new group go read Digital Politco’ post.

9 Responses to “Liberal Leftovers”

  1. Foregone Conclusion Says:

    Reading the brief blurb in the Conference Agenda, I get the feeling that it is a specifically anti-Coalition group. Given that a small minority of the SLF are decidedly anti-Coalition, this seems to be less of a left-right issue as a new vehicle for anti-Coalition sentiment. I will attend, if only out of curiosity. I imagine it will be as representative of mainstream party opinion as the Liberal Vision fringe… 😉

  2. David M Gibson Says:

    LEFT out of the decision making process entirely… The possibilities for mockery are indeed endless.

  3. Vercingetorix Says:

    I can’t see why Linda Jack and Richard Grayson don’t just have done with it and join the Labour Party.

    Presumably they want to be bigger fishes in a smaller pond, even though the pond water isn’t really to their liking.

  4. Geoffrey Payne Says:

    Every leader of the Liberal party and Liberal Democrats from Jo Grimond to Ming Campbell has described themselves as left of centre. The Left Liberals do not claim to be the mainstream of the party as the SLF do (based on the LDV survey in which the majority of Liberal Democrats describe themselves as Social Liberals), but they are a group that would like the party to return to that position and do not trust Labour to fulfill that role. They have links to the liberal wing of the Labour party and the Green party which includes members of Compass but does not include the Blairites or the hard left.
    That is my understanding.

  5. Richard Gadsden Says:

    People like Linda Jack won’t join the Labour party because it’s too right-wing for them.

    But LL is a group that’s anti-coalition because they HATE the Tories, and would want the LDs to pull out of the coalition.

    The SLF may have its criticisms of the compromises the party has had, but it fundamentally accepts the logic of the coalition agreement.

  6. Tabman Says:

    When I were a lad to “jack” meant to leave … exit, stage left?

  7. ed martin Says:

    We hear little about the repeal of the Corn Laws from the Libs.
    Are all the parties crawling to the benefits scrounging farming sector?

  8. Roger Says:

    To quote Michael Heseltine from a famous party conferenece speech they are a one legged army marching LEFT>>>LEFT>>>LEFT.
    Basically these people are not Liberals at all. The are Social Democrats who happen to be in the party. It is then just a question of where do they fit in the spectrum?

  9. Jock Says:

    Not left, and not liberal. And I’ve had a go at parties falling over themselves to cosy up to farmers, Ed.

    To me, the left is right here, with Richard Cobden et al, not Richard Grayson et al…:-)