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Of God and Conservatism

November 25th, 2011 Posted in Conservatives, The Human Condition by

*Correction: I may have been mistaken in entitling a recent piece on LV ‘Of God and Socialism’, highlighting Christians who equate their faith with socialist principles.

The TES have just reported that the Government allegedly plans to dispatch a copy of the King James Bible to every school in the country. Incredibly, the Bibles will also contain a foreword from that most notable of biblical scholars, Michael Gove. Quite what qualifies him for such a task God only knows.

The Government’s Bible-bashing surely raises the question: how much will this policy actually cost? To modify Friedman’s quote, there is no such thing as a free Bible.

Is this something the Government should be funding in 2011? On the surface it doesn’t sound like the actions of a liberal progressive government but more the wet dream of Patrick Buchanan.

And I wonder what liberal secularist champion Evan Harris will make of it all?

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  1. james Says:

    I’m not sure about that, but I’m sure many decent LibDems hopes that (neo)Liberal Vision is soon sent straight to hell

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