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As if the unions weren’t loud enough

November 8th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized by

I’m not sure why this makes me smile, but for some reason I received a piece of advertising email (aka. spam) tailored for a very specific audiance:

Special member’s offer – get yourself heard

Having completed the ballot, we have special prices for for affiliated trade unions and their members on our megaphones.

We’ve mmanged to get new stocks of our megaphone range which offers the simplest in operation by being compact & lightweight as well as offering a surprisingly powerful sound. For a small gathering and directing small crowd from a safety point of view, try the ADS 226 at just £29.90. If you are addressing larger crowds or for stewarding at larger marches and rallies the ADS 66 is amazing at ONLY £49.90 + VAT

The prices have been discounted to trade levels and available up to 12 November 2011, just click on the products below and to purchase, just register your details, the discount will be available by using the discount code ‘UNION’ when checking out.

I particulary like “from a safety point of view”, to distinguish the ADS226 from the kind of megaphone that might be used for rabel-rousing.


They call this "meaningful dialogue"

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