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Health Experts – “pathetic and stupid”

October 14th, 2011 Posted in health by

Yep I know what you are thinking – why is Angela stating the bleeding obvious. Actually “pathetic and stupid” is how “health expert” Professor Philip James, from the delightfully named “International Association for the Study of Obesity” described the government’s health strategy, announced yesterday. Prof James went on to say that the junk food industry “manipulated” individuals into consuming their products and that was why legislation was needed.

Hmmm would the “International Association for the Study of Obesity” be the same group that has been accused of taking millions of pounds from drug companies who make …..oh….. anti-obesity drugs. You were saying something about industry and “manipulating” Professor James? I understand they refuted that allegation. But why is it, to this very day, the IASO does not publish full and frank details of its sources of funding on its own website? I will allow you to decide.

I am a bit tired of these so-called experts scaremongering their way from one “pandemic” to the next, whilst trousering cash behind the scenes from vested interests (both governmental and private). (Am I thinking of ASH and big pharma here too?)

So yesterday’s announcement is a win. “Personal Responsibility” seems to be at the heart of the government strategy to “tackle obesity” – how refreshing.

Well done Mr Lansley…

When asked about why the government was not more keen on legislation, he said by working in partnership, more could be achieved faster. Yep he is almost certainly right – and no “unintended consequences” (such as a fat tax driving fatties to keep their much-loved high cal food but spend even less on healthier options).

Interestingly he also said that officials would continue to monitor the international evidence where countries were trying tougher legislation. Excellent. Thoroughly sensible.

So on that basis I assume that the government will also abandon its costly and unnecessary consultation into the plain packaging of tobacco products? Surely as with obesity – we can simply sit back and watch what  happens once Australia’s plain packaging legislation becomes law and on  the basis of the evidence – rather than “big health” groups pharmaceutical funded spurious modelling – conclude whether it works or not and act accordingly?

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4 Responses to “Health Experts – “pathetic and stupid””

  1. Tristan Says:

    Unfortunately, Lansley’s comments continue the demonisation of the over weight. More of the “It’s all your own fault, if only you’d live properly” mantra does not help.

    There are many reasons for people being overweight, some do just wilfully over eat and could simply just stop, but many others do not have that option, yet they are demonised as being lazy and feckless idiots who could just eat less, exercise more and be fine.

    To me its like claiming that anyone who is depressed just needs to ‘get a grip’ and ‘be more positive’.

  2. Angela Says:


    You make a good point – the child of a good friend of mine was classified as “obese” a while ago when anyone looking at her would say demonstrably she just was not. It caused so much stress for the mother and obsession with the child about eating that it could have spiralled horribly out of control. And a relative who is a “big” person – yet ridicuously fit and healthy… these labels are simply unhelpful…. as was the 1960’2 and 70’s advice on what was a “healthy diet” – which we now know to be rubbish.

    Still we are taking baby steps here – and a minister who chooses to suffer the scorn and abuse of the health experts to do less – is a step in the right direction.

  3. Dick Puddlecote Says:

    It shows how very arrogant these health finger-waggers have become that they have no issue with throwing words like “pathetic and stupid” around.

    It really is well past time government cut them down to size, both by cutting off their funding from tax receipts, and also by hauling a few of them in to Whitehall offices, giving them the hair dryer treatment, and confiscating their lobby passes. They are over-stepping the mark on a daily basis now.

    There is a case to be made for advice to be offered in order that the public can make healthy choices, but these hideous people aren’t happy until coercion is involved.

    The balance is wrong. The obsessive drive for perfect health is swarming all over freedoms and stifling them.

  4. Junican Says:

    “”When asked about why the government was not more keen on legislation, he said by working in partnership, more could be achieved faster.””

    “By working in partnership”…A cryptic phrase, do you not think? What does that mean? I rather think that it means coercing the food industry into ‘healthier options’.

    Of course, the whole thing is a massive fraud – as the Minister knows full well. The simple fact is that it does not really matter what sort of food you eat – what matters is the quantity that you eat.

    Like Tobacco Control and Alcohol Control, obesity is just another nice little earner for a comparatively small number of people and big Pharm.

    What is wrong with our politicians? When one reads about the recent debate in the Lords and the suggestion from that crazy Australian peer, Trixie Whatsit, about permitting Local Authorities to ban smoking outside, one despairs.