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Take A Liberty Scotland

June 22nd, 2011 Posted in Civil Liberties, Scotland by

A new (ish) group established to oppose statist nannying and promote liberty in Scotland has caught my eye. Take a Liberty Scotland’s description alone demonstrates that they are well worth a look:

In one of the Sherlock Holmes stories, The Sign of Four, Dr Watson, having watched Holmes inject himself once again, ponders the idea of telling his friend he shouldn’t be doing drugs. However, Watson restrains himself; to do so, he suggests, would be to ‘take a liberty’. Why? Because despite wanting to have a go, Watson recognises that Holmes is not a child; he is an adult who makes his own choices however poor those choices may be.”

With a majority SNP Government elected with promises to implement minimum pricing for alcohol, tackle “irresponsible alcohol promotions” and to introduce a Challenge 25 age verification scheme (literally treating adults like children!), there has never been a better time for such a group. It’s founder, Stuart Waiton, has had a few articles published in the Scotsman of late, last month in relation to the SNP’s alcohol plans and earlier this month in response to the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ volte-face on minimum pricing.

I, for one, certainly wish them all the best in their crusade for the retention of our liberties and campaign against government interference in our personal lives. However, in Scotland, that amounts to a Herculean task.

Take a Liberty have recently launched a petition against the Scottish Government’s excessive, illiberal and wholly unnecessary ‘anti-sectarian’ legislation. You can sign it here if you wish.

2 Responses to “Take A Liberty Scotland”

  1. Bolivia Newton-John Says:

    Herculean task? Nah, it’s all there. Adam Smith and David Hume were both Scottish, and it’s only recently that their rugged individualist outlook (and I’m not talking about Braveheart and Robert the Bruce) has been shat upon. Freed at last from the strictures of the English Empire, we would soon see LVT/drug policy reform/lower corporation tax and many other sensible reforms, I’m certain of it.

  2. Leslie K. Clark Says:

    What a great name!

    The historic intellectual foundations are there I’ll grant you that.

    However, what Scottish politicians have already done with the relative amount of autonomy granted from the “English Empire” doesn’t fill me with too much hope that a more individualist outlook would return to Scotland with independence. Devolution has brought a mix of social conservatism in the social/personal sphere and social democracy in the economic sphere.

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