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See you at The Rally Against Debt?

May 13th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized by

Just a quick reminder that  several bloggers from LV (myself included) will be going along tomorrow to support The Rally Against Debt .

It will be held at Old Palace Yard in Westminster, central London, at 11am on Saturday 14th May.Old Palace Yard is situated in between Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, a short distance from Victoria train station and walking distance from both Westminster and St James’s Park tube stations.

The organisers are not only promising to complete all proceedings in time for the FA cup final but a truly splendid line up of speakers including Paul Staines, political blogger (Guido Fawkes), Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affair (and formerly of this parish), Martin Durkin, documentary filmmaker and activist (Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story) and Nigel Farage MEP ..oh and others…

If you’re on Facebook, you can join the official event page or click here for more info.

9 Responses to “See you at The Rally Against Debt?”

  1. Mike Says:

    Wish I could attend, but I’ll be 240 miles away. There in spirit.

  2. Miles Says:

    You’re pathetic.

  3. Douglas Says:

    Ahh, the Rally Against Debt: people who think things such as state spending to support the weakest in society (the sick, the disabled, etc.) is a waste of money. People who seem to be advocating getting rid of the NHS.

    Funny how they support cuts to things that help the weakest but will cry foul when the government wants to spend less on the military. Funny how they’re supported by the Tax Payers’ Alliance, who have yet to pay a penny of tax in the UK.

  4. Mike Says:

    @Miles, @Douglas: I get the feeling that you guys aren’t Liberal Democrats. Liberal Democrats are nice to each other.

  5. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Mike you are right…sigh….

    i support the right for self interest groups to protest in the streets eg students…and will continue to support their right to protest whether I agree or disagree… whether they care or not about my support of them .

    … but when i want to show my support for the next generation – that we are crucifying with debt ..where are the socialists then?

    What is this one-generation-socialism? Does the love of the socialists only extend to those of voting – or near voting age?

    Tad sad really

  6. Sophia Says:

    The Rally Against Debt should of been called the Rally of Selfish Gits!

    Maybe somebody should paralyze or blind the likes of Mark Littlewood & Nigel Farage, so they can find out what its like to be disabled & not being able to do the day to day necessities due to the cuts to social care for the disabled.

  7. neil bradbury Says:

    I support structural deficit reduction like most Liberal Democrats but the event had a much more right wing bias, with people burning EU flags and spokespeople calling for massive government spending cuts well over and above what is needed to balance the books. I’m not sure there would be many real Lib Dems who could have gone to that event and felt comfortable in the company they kept.

  8. Mike Says:

    I wouldn’t say that the burning of an EU flag is necessarily indicitive of the spirit of the event, any more than the violence committed on the 26th of March is indicitive of the majority of those who took to the streets that day.

    Neil, I think it’s a bit unfair to cast apersions on any Liberal Democrats who would have liked to/did attend. I wouldn’t do so about any who attended the TUC march. Despite the disagreements I have with them, I understand the party has broad and occasionally somewhat conflicting traditions, which include different views on the appropriate size of the state.

  9. neil bradbury Says:

    well the flag burning was by two people, I think. Bearing in mind it was 2 people from a crowd of 350 at most, that is a far higher percentage of malcontents than at the TUC bash! I’m not condemning people who went, just saying they surely would feel uncomfortable with the company they kept if they are Lib Dems. The same would definitely be said if Lib Dems went to the TUC march.