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Green Revolutionaries Hit Capitol Hill

April 26th, 2011 Posted in Environment, International Politics by

8 Responses to “Green Revolutionaries Hit Capitol Hill”

  1. David Chiverton Says:

    “It’s not polar bears anymore… it’s people.” I laughed so hard I had a bit of an accident.

  2. C777 Says:

    Pity they do not know any better .
    One factor in the west’s decline is it’s suicidal adherence to green myth.
    Still, the way the US economy is going these young people may find themselves living in an ECO shanty town eventually anyhow.

  3. Geoffrey Payne Says:

    If you want to attack the environmental movement I think you would have more credibility if you attack their strongest arguments rather than singling out their nutters.
    There are plenty of nutters in the libertarian movement and I am sure someone could easily put together a film lampooning them if they thought it was worth the effort.
    I notice on this website that some contributors downplay global warming whilst others seem to deny it’s existence altogether. Your motivation appears to be more about protecting your Utopian ideology rather than paying attention to the peer reviewed scientific reports that appear in credible periodicals like Nature.

  4. Julian Harris Says:

    Geoffrey, this is beyond tedious.

  5. Leslie K. Clark Says:

    The problem is that a significant proportion of environmental activists (well perhaps the ones I’ve come across anyway) are pretty vacuous and spout the same sort of crap that the young woman does at 2:33 in the clip.

    Just to be tedious I believe the science on global warming.

  6. Leslie K. Clark Says:

    *environmental activists in my age bracket

  7. Sophia Says:

    “There are plenty of nutters in the libertarian movement”

    Yeah starting with a racist homophobe by the name of Ron Paul

  8. RichieP Says:

    ‘credible periodicals like Nature.’

    Laughed myself silly. Nature is the Der Sturmer of the AGW cult.