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What the ASA should have said

April 6th, 2011 Posted in Nannying by

JP Floru of the Adam Smith Institute has an entertaining piece on the Advertising Standards Authority judgement regarding the Jack Wills ‘2011 Spring Term Handbook’. Floru quite rightly disapproves of their nannying and Victorian style paternalism over a few supposedly pornographic images,

Morality is personal: nobody is forced to pick up the Jack Wills catalogue, and nobody is forced to buy their clothes. My morality may not the same as the morality of the Hare Krishnas or the Zoroastrians.”

I agree wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately, my social life at university didn’t consist of cavorting with attractive scantily clad girls on the beach but nerdy political activities, cheap vodka and general disappointment. Frolicking on the beach in any brand of clothing was out of the question – the icy winds blowing from the North Sea were not conducive to the activities seen in the aforementioned catalogue.

In reality, the life of an average student reflects that of an Argos Catalogue: drab, cheap and conformist. But one can dream and I thank the people at Jack Wills for helping me do that.

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