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Vote Yes on May 5th

April 3rd, 2011 Posted in AV referendum by

The Yes to fairer votes campaign launched yesterday with over a hundred events around the country.

Many of the arguments for and against electoral reform are well understood by our readers.

The current first past the post system tends towards majority for the largest minority. AV tends towards more representative results.

FPTP is fair where there are only two parties. AV and other preference systems reflect pluralism.

It is easier to elect extremists and re-elect the corrupt under FPTP. AV cannot elect people detested by over 50% of the electorate.

And so on.

The change is small, but important.

The current coalition is the only UK Government with majority support delivered by FPTP since the end of WWII.

The opportunity for change has come after decades of unrepresentative results like 1983 where a difference of 2.2% of the vote meant Labour got 209 seats and the Alliance 23.

The last Labour government had 55% of the seats with 35% of the vote.

The No2AV coalition is an establishment campaign allying William Hague and John Prescott in self interest for the status quo.

Many of their arguments are plain silly such as a claim that AV gives more votes to supporter of smaller parties (it doesn’t), and a list of AV myths that describe problems all worse with FPTP.

The Yes to fairer votes campaign’s best arguments are ending the jobs for life culture and having a meaningful vote.

The referendum when it comes on May 5th will be on paper about a technical change. Much of the noise around it will be unedifying hysteria.

When people walk into the polling station what will sway many is their instinctive reaction to whether our system is basically good, or needs to change.

That gives me really hope for a Yes.

3 Responses to “Vote Yes on May 5th”

  1. Jock Says:

    It seems to me that this is the first time in UK democratic history where the people have been asked about how they would like electoral arrangements to be made. But it begs the question whether we actually want or need these elected elites to rule us at all.

    I shall be doing a write-in response: “I do not want people to vote to choose people to rule over me”

  2. Jack Hughes Says:

    You almost convinced me. But then I saw the “luvvies-for-AV” campaign with Stephen Fry and Benjamin Zippedy-doodah and I just want to vomit at their look-at-me smugness.

  3. Rob Robinson Says:

    A vote against AV will be a vote against Liberals which in turn might convince them to keep their promises. And not just lust for power. PLEASE VOTE AGAINST LIBERALS.