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Two Eds are not better than one

January 20th, 2011 Posted in Labour by

The long and short of Ed Miliband’s reshuffle is that the Labour party are now represented at the top table by a group wedded to tax and spending as the solution to all ills.

This is a very good opportunity for Nick Clegg to ditch his ‘progressive’ baggage and position the Liberal Democrats firmly in the liberal centre ground.

Left-wingers who have used the Liberal Democrats as a dumping ground for all the mad ideas they could never get past New Labour concessions to electability and  balance sheets now have a very familiar place to call home.

Ed Balls meanwhile will be focusing on his next target, his Leader. It’s the good old days of the Blair and Brown show coming back, without the veneer of aspiration and competence that kept the show on the road.

One Response to “Two Eds are not better than one”

  1. Psi Says:

    I think everyone who wants to see Labour out of office for a long time should be celebrating.

    Red Milliband has appointed a privately educated millionaire (made from the taxpayer) who made a fuss that he would lose his benefits when there were cuts (caused by his overspending).

    This man is not credible.

    Totally with you on dropping the “progressive” label it is not relevant to normal people, it is a buzz word that the village cares about it sounds like management speak to voters. They may as well talk about “taking that offline” or “stretching the envelope.”