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The Guardian’s tenuous revolt narrative

December 12th, 2010 Posted in Liberal Democrats, Spin by

We can reasonably assume the left-leaning Guardian newspaper would prefer a Lab-Lib to Con-Lib government, and that the number of Liberal Democrats who would agree with that proposition has increased after the tuition fees vote. This headline today though is a little naughty.

Liberal Democrat grassroots hit back over tuition fees

Richard Grayson, former director of policy, says Liberal Democrats should move closer to Ed Miliband and Labour

The conflation of one pundit’s views as representative of the entire party ‘grassroots’, is somewhat misleading.

But also compare and contrast with Richard Grayson’s views in the Guardian in May. Prior to the Coalition deal, on tuition fees or anything else.

Lab and Lib: a dream team

Progressives will never forgive Labour and the Lib Dems if they flunk this historic chance to form an alliance

Hard to see how the Guardian can describe such a continuity of hostility to working with Conservatives as “remarkable words” or as “laying bare”, “the depth of anger among the Liberal Democrat grassroots over tuition fees”.

What Grayson has actually said in his “astonishing article” is even more mundane.

Liberal Democrats should engage with like-minded members of Labour

Less fanning the flames of revolution, than proposing tea in the common room.

I suspect then Nick Clegg will survive this entirely unsurprising attack.

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