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“How liberals argue”

November 9th, 2010 Posted in US Politics by

When I appeared as a “witness” on Radio 4’s Moral Maze programme [/self plug], I found Melanie Phillips to be very articulate, persuasive and well-prepared. She may not be the most popular figure around these parts, and I disagreed with some of her angles on the issue in question, but she did earn my respect for her conduct.

However, she’s done herself no favours by linking to this video (below) through the Spectator blog. “Moronic” isn’t the word for this animation. Well, actually, it is. Along with “strawman” and “bang your head against a wall repeatedly”.

I’m no America-basher, but this kind of thing does make our side of the pond look somewhat more attractive. In spite of our “rampant muslim immigration”.  Tsssh. Watch it, but prepare for despair…

2 Responses to ““How liberals argue””

  1. RichardSM Says:

    I hadn’t seen this before, so thanks for putting it up. What I find interesting is that the basic arguments have reversed since Obama took office. The shift has been noticeable on various US blogs, and this video is another example. The same is happening here since the general election. I suspect this is caused by party association/affiliation, which leads to a lack of objectivity. Its not unlike the football fan syndrome. Supporters see every foul committed by the other team, and never see their own teams fouls. Or, if own-team fouls are noticed, fans are ready to excuse them.

  2. Tom Papworth Says:

    I’m not sure which is supposed to be the figure of ridicule, here. The woman who is saying the man shouldn’t be allowed to speak, or the man who is talking out of his a*se.

    What really scares me is that Americans talk in a strange, mechanical voice with totally random intonation.