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Joel Burns on Gay Bullying – It Gets Better

October 17th, 2010 Posted in Beautiful men, Personal Freedom by

I know this video has been circling around the interwebby for a few days but I hope you’ll see why I felt this was worth posting. It’s not everyday you see politicians act in a way that is truly beautiful and very brave.

It is always good to see something that serves as a reminder that we live in an era where there as never been so much liberty. We should be grateful for it, we should use it to remind ourselves what is at stake if we lose and we should strengthen our resolve to fight the numerous remaining injustices that blight. If you have a spare twelve minutes please watch this video.

One Response to “Joel Burns on Gay Bullying – It Gets Better”

  1. Dave Atherton Says:

    I hope that the reason this post has no comments because we are all speechless at how moving Joel Burns’ content and delivery is and how unjust the world can be.