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Britain swarming with immigrants, yadda yadda…

September 8th, 2010 Posted in UK Politics by

One of my favourite aspects of the anti-immigration argument goes as follows.

Anti-immigration Advocate says: “It’s not about race.”

Anti-immigration Advocate, 10 minutes later, says something like: “By 2050, half the UK’s population will be foreigners.”

What they mean, of course, is that half the population will be either foreign or the children of foreigners. Or even the children of the children of foreigners.

But if they’re born here, these children of foreigners, then they’re not foreign, right? Surely that makes them British.

Well no, argues Anti-immigration Advocate, because they’re still the children of foreigners and, well, you know…

Yes, Anti-Immigration Advocate, we know. We know exactly what you’re thinking.

But even still, they say, the country is FULL, and packed with immigrants.

This graph from the Guardian, however, suggests otherwise:


I found it on the excellent Roving Bandit blog, so many thanks to him.

As he sensibly conludes: “You might ask what all the fuss it about.”

6 Responses to “Britain swarming with immigrants, yadda yadda…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    You obviously all live in a nice leafy suburb. Try living in the East End of London, then ask!

  2. The Closed Satanic Mills Says:

    One only has to look where Liberal MPs harvest their hay
    and tend their flocks. Fringe operatives super glued to
    the broken fences of mass indifference. Bleedimg hearts
    with Guardian cut outs of cultural harmony and urban decline.Pink pussies,furious and concerned in their distant glens and their thatched ideals..
    Get in touch with ground control, have a good smell at the real coffeee.

  3. Niklas Smith Says:

    The data would be more illuminating if they counted foreign-born people rather than foreign citizens. There is a difference: Germany (for example) long made it difficult for non-ethnic Germans to get citizenship, resulting in a large Turkish minority that retained Turkish citizenship even though they were settled in Germany.

    But even on this dataset we are only just above the the European average. The fuss is interesting in that opposition to immigration is often strong in areas where there is virtually none – like in Yorkshire, where BNP support is higher than average. Unlike places like Barking and Dagenham, there seems to me to be little logic in BNP support where there are no immigrants to blame for all of your troubles. (Not that that stops their Swedish counterparts for blaming them for every problem everywhere in the current election campaign.)

    In any case, we should be welcoming young workers into the country if we want to continue paying out state pensions and providing free healthcare to the aged on the NHS.

  4. Tristan Says:

    Even better is the US where the anti-foreigner sentiment is most loudly voiced by descendants of immigrants – that is white people…

    Personally I’ve never had any problems with the levels of immigration – and I lived in East London most of my life (and now my nice leafy suburb in West London has a sizable immigrant population).
    Doesn’t seem to actually create any problems.

    Then again I married a dirty foreigner, but she’s American so probably doesn’t count.

  5. Tristan Says:

    As for urban decline – that is an issue, but its not anything to do with foreigners or immigration.

    Funny how people don’t get annoyed at internal migration though – nobody decries ‘most people in London aren’t Londoners’

  6. Tom Papworth Says:

    Thanks, Closed Satanic Mills. Your reference to “Pink Pussies” should push the number of random visits to this site up to an all-time high. I’m not entirely sure that “distant glens and … thatched ideals” is an accurate description of South Bermondsey, Brent East or Haringay, but then one can’t really expect much reason from a person who can’t even spell “idylls”.

    Kelly, ditto. Simon Hughes and Sarah Teather (and I) live in very ethnically diverse areas. Fortunately, because the local politicians don’t pander to racists it doesn’t cause any unrest or upset.

    Tristan, you’re lucky your wife made it here before the Tories slapped their ban on non-EU immigrants! Another piece of dozy Conservative legislation that will prevent talented, entrepreneurial people from coming to make money in the UK, to the benefit of all.