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Freedom, but only for Jesus-loving ‘Murcans

August 17th, 2010 Posted in Culture, US Politics by

The 9/11 attacks were coined an “attack on our freedoms” both in the USA and in other parts of the West (like here). This seemed like reasonable rhetoric, at least until the US government came up with the Patriot Act and a variety of plans to drop a load of bombs on people in the Middle East.

The latest sadly ironic post-9/11 assault on freedom involves the reactionary opposition to some community centre in New York which will apparently include a mosque. This has widely been reported as a plan to “build a mosque on ground zero”, yet as this blog post shows, the mosque isn’t even that close to ground zero:


To borrow Big Apple parlance, the mosque is “two blocks” away. Presumably some flats/shops/offices in that area even include people called Mohammed.

One Response to “Freedom, but only for Jesus-loving ‘Murcans”

  1. Sara Scarlett Says:

    It’s a profound shame that the discussion regarding the mosque has got so damn nasty here in the US.

    The fact of the matter is it should be soley a property rights issue. Whoever owns the land on which the proposed mosque is set to be built gets the last say. I assume the owner has already given his approval so that should be the end of it.

    The fact that the 24hr News channels have gone to town with this story is, as Gene Healy puts it, a complete Red Herring: