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24 types of authoritarians

July 14th, 2010 Posted in Satire by

Following in the footsteps of this.


15 Responses to “24 types of authoritarians”

  1. Dick Puddlecote Says:

    Oh yes. I’ve met at least half of those.

  2. Julian H Says:

    My personal favourite is “bereaved parent”.

  3. Tom Papworth Says:

    For me it’s “More Humanitarian Than You”.

    The quote summarises a fundamental flaw in statist thinking.

    Actually, another variety is the version that says “I think something is important, therefore I am happy to pay higher taxes for it.” Why can’t you pay more into it voluntarily, one might ask? Oh, because you want people who don’t think it’s important to pay more, too!

  4. TheBigYin Says:

    Love it. Was gonna pinch it but I can see Dick Puddlecote has his eye on it.

  5. He's Spartacus Says:



  6. The Remittance Man Says:

    You forget to mention the Green Zealot owns a controling interest in the newly established Tofu Trading Organisation.

  7. Daedalus Parrot Says:

    Another one:


    (Picture of an angry, shouting imam with a long bushy beard. There is a goat at his side nibbling his robe. The imam is pushing a small boy forward who is wearing a suicide bomb)

    “You WILL love the Religion of Peace or my nephew will blow you and your family up. All praise be to Al.”

  8. Ben Hourigan Says:

    Where can I find a high-res version with more readable text?

  9. Julian H Says:

    Ben, have sent you an e-mail. Let me know if you don’t receive it.

  10. Reikoku Says:

    Have posted this over at my blog, love it.

  11. Julian Harris Says:

    Thanks, Sir. Have added your blog to our blogroll (right).

  12. Dave33 Says:

    Oh yes. I

  13. joan15 Says:

    Oh yes. I

  14. tania93 Says:

    Oh yes. I

  15. stone52 Says:

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